Oct 7, 2014

Pumpkin Pickin' With My Pumpkins

Yes!  Finally!  I have been waiting all year long to do this with my family.  Liam was over-the-moon happy to pick a pumpkin for himself.  He talked about it all day.  Before we arrived, Landon had it all planned out in his head that we would get four orange pumpkins for our porch - one for each of us.  Well, instead we decided to do it by size and color.  Liam got the little green one, I got the white one, Landon always gets the oblong shaped one (I think it goes back to the Minions from Despicable Me), and dad got the plump multi-colored one.  We were happy with our choices, but man, what a load we had.  I think my white pumpkin was the heaviest.  Ha!  Picking them out is the fun part.  Loading them and packing them around, not so much.  Liam had a blast running through the patch and rolling the pumpkins around.  This place was perfect for Liam because it wasn't crowded and he lots of space to run!

We also managed to purchase some apple cider and peanut butter fudge.  We found ourselves hanging out a little bit in the market and the wine place because the wind was nuts and it was the coldest day of the year.  Thank you to the good Lord above for beautiful sunshine or we would have probably froze to death.  We must have gone at a good time (thanks to a few Huber's neighbor friends of ours) because it wasn't as crowded as it was last year.  Last year was an absolute crazy mess!  What a super fun day in the pumpkin patch!

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Happy boy!

Green beans.


Oct 6, 2014

Brother Time

Sometimes when times get rough between the two siblings, it's nice to see the two finally come together and play nicely.  The chased each other until they were out of breath and then played "down, set, hut".  The laughter and smiles are priceless and one thing I will never forget.  When Liam started to get a little wound up and aggressive, big brother found the solution - pin little brother down.  I thought it was hysterical, and it worked!  I think Landon may be on to something here.  :)

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Funny picture.

Regardless how much they may get on each other's nerves, their love is very strong.

Oct 2, 2014

Liam's New White, Fluffy Friend

Landon and Peyton (our dog) have been chummy with Pizmo (the neighbor's dog) for as long as I can remember, but Liam has showed no interest.  He knew him by name but always kept his distance.  He was like that with his own dog for a long time.  In the last several months Liam has been playing with animals and letting go of that fear or uncomfortable feeling.  It's been nice to see.

The other day Pizmo was outside hanging out in his back yard.  Liam was out playing by himself in our back yard (his favorite thing to do).  Pizmo always gets excited to see any of us.  He'll bark, yelp, jump.  Anything to get our attention.  Well, he grabbed Liam's attention fairly quickly and soon I found Liam rolling around in the grass, hugging, kissing, running, and jumping with him.  Pizmo was in Heaven!  Liam was so sweet with him.  He would talk to him and then sing to him while Pizmo laid calmly next to Liam's little legs.  Instant friends.

Piz was hooked up to the back porch so he couldn't go far.  The afternoon sun shined right on them as they bonded in the grass.  So, you will have to excuse the poor lighting in the photos.  Plus, I had to hurry if I wanted to capture these two goofballs in action.

Liam kept telling Pizmo to sit still and take a picture.  He even told him to smile a time or two.  Now he knows how we feel.  Ha ha!

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Buds for life.