May 5, 2015

What a Week!

Now that it's getting warmer we are finding more motivation to get things accomplished, and the kids are finding more things to do.  This makes me over-the-moon happy.  We have so much to look forward to in the coming months.  If we can't visit or have visitors, we might as well work on the home and play with our kiddos, right?  That's the only thing that is keeping my sanity, really.

There's little happenings here and there that I normally don't think about posting because they are so sporadic or random.  So, I'll go ahead and get right to it.

With Derby events going on, we were able to watch the hot air balloons float around our house.  Liam loved that!

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Liam's Derby hat.

Derby cookout.  Yum!

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Lazy doggies.

Pet sitting.

Playing with friends.

Sweet baby naps.

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80's classics on TV.

Days at the ballpark.

Handy work.

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And here we thought dog beds were for dogs.  Pfft, right.

Wearing mommy's pretties.

Enjoying bubble time with friends.

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I'd say it's been a pretty busy seven days or so, and there's more to come!  Phew!

Apr 21, 2015

Track Meet 2015

Landon loves running track.  It's good for him because he has so much energy to burn and simply loves to run.  I'm not sure if this will be his last year of track since they offer it in school going forward, but it definitely will be the last for the Bears.  I can't believe he will be in middle school this Fall!  He will be attending the better middle school of the two in our district that offers quite a bit for their students.  I can't wait!

Anyway, back to track.  For the last couple of years sitting in the stands was miserably hot.  I was drenched from head to toe after sitting and watching for two hours.  This year was the complete opposite.  It was very windy and cold.  We had to break out our winter gear again.  This weather is crazy here right now!  I asked Landon if he wanted to wear pants and a long sleeved shirt under his t-shirt and he refused.  He gets hot very quickly like his dad.  He doesn't like feeling restricted, especially when playing sports.  He seemed to be okay, but the rest of us were dying.  I took Liam back to the car to warm up before Landon's next race.

Liam and I had a blast.  Sitting up in the nosebleed section was nice.  There was nobody up there, which is very helpful dealing with Liam and his issues.  Dad even made an appearance to watch his baby boy's race!  Aaron got Landon's attention before he took off.  They waved to each other, Aaron watched, and then Landon came running up to his dad and said, "Thanks for coming dad, I really appreciate you being here."  Aaron got choked up, as did I.  I know it's hard on Landon that Aaron works so much.  :(

Landon did very well and helped his team win!  The crowd went wild!!  I think they are talking about having another meet after ISTEP.  We shall see.

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