Jul 31, 2015

Look Mom, No Floaties!

Both of our kids have always been natural-born fish when it comes to the water, but Liam is very daring and confident.  He shows no fear whatsoever and will try anything.  I love how much of a go-getter he is.  Most kids would be nervous or scared to go under or not have anything to keep them above the water.  Not Liam.  He loves going under and doing flips.  He also has the freestyle down pat.  He is going to be my swimmer - a man after my own heart.  I was a swimmer and a diver for many years of my life.  I was going to teach him how to swim on his own, but Liam seems to be doing that just fine all by himself!  It's pretty impressive, actually.

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Jul 30, 2015

Sixth Grade and Kindergarten

Wow, I was so not ready.  I kept my cool, though.  No tears were shed and no children were violently squeezed to death or held hostage from the bus driver.  I was proud of myself for holding it together.  In fact, with the kids jumping up and down with excitement and exuding confidence, I was able to handle the morning much better.  Aaron told me he was having anxiety this morning.  I can only imagine why.  Two big milestones for both boys, and Landon going to a completely different school now?  Oh, yeah.  It was stressful.  They were so cute and so happy.  Good luck, fellas!  We wish you nothing but the best this school year.

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The Three Amigos.

Jul 29, 2015

Bye Bye, First Little Baby Tooth

It's official.  My second-born isn't a baby anymore.  He's growing into a little man now.  To be honest, nobody knew that his tooth was loose until he came to me and showed me the gap in his mouth.  I about freaked.  He made it sound as if it got knocked out, but since this was his very first tooth that he lost, I don't think he knew what was happening.  I guess we never thought to teach him that his teeth are going to loosen and fall out as he grows.  That sounds horrifying.  He took me to his tooth, which was on the floor.  I quickly picked it up and put it in a baggie so it would get lost or damaged.  The first thing that popped in my head at that time when I saw the tiny tooth on the floor was our dog eating it.  Ack!  Now we have to play tooth fairy all over again.  He was proud and maybe a little confused.  He wasn't scared or traumatized, thank God.  I think I was wigging out more than he was.  I can't believe it's that time.  It's all about being toothless from here on out, or at least for awhile.  Congrats, buddy!  Next up....chest hair.

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